Work With Me

How to stop your words from sucking

(or how to work with me)

Step 1:
Get the party started

If you’d like to work with me then reach out by filling in the form on my contact page.

Please provide a high level description about your project and how I can help.

Once filled in and submitted I’ll be in touch as soon as possible to understand your needs and to have a get to know you chat.

Step 2:
Let’s be brief

Once we’ve had our quick discovery call I’ll get you to fill out my project briefing form.

It’s best not to rush a brief, but completing this in a timely fashion would be much appreciated.

A well thought out brief provides the best environment for success. I’ll be able to get to know your type of business and the kinds of things you’d like to achieve.

Step 3:
We’re on our way

After our chat, I’ll create a custom project proposal and provide it to you.

This proposal will detail all the items I’ll be creating, any additional items you’ll need from me, the date of delivery, and a final project cost.

To create your proposal I may need additional information from you, if so I’ll reach out to discuss further.

This proposal will include an estimate of costs and a request for payment of 50% of the project cost.

Step 4:
Setup for a slam dunk

So, you’ve received the project proposal and:

– you’ve read it thoroughly

– are comfortable with the deliverables

– understand the costs involved

– and agree to the project terms and conditions

Simply digitally sign the proposal, and I’ll provide you an invoice for 50% of the total project cost as Project Commencement Fee.

Step 5:
…and so it begins

Once the proposal is signed and the 50% payment is received, it’s time for me to get to work.

During any project, there are times where I’ll need to contact you for additional information, to arrange interviews, or to provide you with a project update.

Typically I’ll email, but if it’s something more in depth I’ll arrange a time to meet via Zoom, or a time to call you.

For each deliverable I’m happy to provide in a number of formats.

Clients typically request either PDF, Google Doc, or Microsoft Word Doc.

If you’d prefer a different format please call this out during the briefing/proposal process.

Step 6:
Revisions and edits

Once complete, I’ll provide you with an email and a secure link to a draft version of your new content.

At this stage you should spend some time reviewing the content. Grab a coffee and let it sink in.

It’s best to provide constructive, detailed feedback so we can make best use of the provided number of revisions.

The number of revisions for the project will be outlined in the proposal at the start of the process.

If there is anything that you would like to change, please markup the provided documents (tracked changes, PDF notes, an email) and return as soon as you can so I can review and update.

Step 7:
It’s high-five time!

Finally, once I’ve completed any revisions or edits then the project is complete and it’s time for a well deserved round of high-fives and celebratory GIFs for both of us!

I’ll send through a final invoice for payment of the remaining 50% of the project costs and eagerly await for you to put your shiny new content out into the world!

Let me write your
great copy & content