Creative Copywriting

When connecting with your audience you need words that aren’t just in the right order, but words that are authentically you

Great words help you tell your story and inspire your customers take action

Your project or business without great copy is like toast without jam — dry and boring.

If you fail to capture your audiences hearts and minds, they may pass you by.

Why do you need a Creative Copywriter?

Simply put, copywriting is the art of choosing the right words and placing them in the right order.

A great copywriter helps your business by carefully considering your products and services, unique features, and the needs of your ideal customer to craft beautiful, engaging copy to connect hearts and minds.

There’s an enormous number of ways a copywriter can help you connect with your ideal audience.

Creative Copywriters help you write:

  • Website content that converts customers
  • Product and service landing pages
  • Articles and blog content that inspires
  • Social media posts which excite and delight
  • Those pesky about sections everyone hates to write
  • Amazing product descriptions
  • Scripts for both video and audio productions
  • Press releases when you need to inform you customers
  • Brochures to highlight your products and services
  • Email campaigns and sequences that inspire action
  • Just about anything else that needs words

What do I charge?

You’ll notice that I don’t have any pricing on this site for copywriting services…

(hold up, wait what!?!)

The reason for this is that every copywriting project has its own unique wants and needs.

Feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll send you my project brief to kickstart the conversation.

But if you’re looking for a ballpark estimate, you can schedule a 30 minute call to discuss your project.

Why should you hire me?

I work with artists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate clients to help them cut through the noise and build kick-ass content with bite.

Tapping into my knowledge and expertise, I’ll help you see your business from a new perspective. With a careful mix of deep research, strong analysis, and creative flair, I’ll make your content work harder to speak right to your audience.

I’ll take the time to understand your needs, and provide you creative solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd with content

All created with best practices for both SEO and SEM to ensure your shiny new content plays nicely with all major search engines.

Let me write the copy so you can do the things you do best.