You should be publishing regularly 4
You should be publishing new content regularly

Staying relevant to your customer is important today more than ever.

In today’s crowded marketplace it’s hard to stand out and attract the attention of your ideal audience.

Consistent article writing is one of the best ways to connect, inform, and provide value to your customers.

But what sort of content should you be regularly publishing?

It’s important to understand your audience and goals before you begin crafting content to ensure your not only providing good information, but great value to your customers.

Help your customers by providing expert advice, explain issues they might face, entertain and amuse them, and most importantly, inspire them to purchase your products or services.

With my help, I’ll provide you a variety of ways to communicate your message and inform your customers through hard working blog posts and content that inspires thought and action.

Publishing regularly keeps you connected with your audience.

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Regular content for your business helps you

Grow your authority in your chosen industry.

Demonstrate how your business can help your customers.

Increase your brand voice in your market.

Strengthen your unique value proposition.

Answer your customers frequently asked questions.

Tell your stories to your ideal audience.

Expand engagement with your customers.

Reinforce your messages with your clients.

Enhance your monthly website traffic through SEO.

Connect and grow your audience.

and that’s just the beginning.

So what does working with me include?

A briefing by Zoom or Phone to get to know you the type of content you’d like written.

Diving into your industry, and trends.

Length varies depending on the type of content we are creating, but rest assured will be both insightful and powerful.

SEO-Friendly Copy
With guidance on titles, descriptions, links, headings, and more.

Two Revisions
In 14 days from the first draft.

Why hire me?

I’ve been writing online for over a decade and have worked with artists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate clients to help them cut through the noise and build kick-ass content with bite.

With my knowledge and expertise, I’ll help you see your business from a new perspective. Through a careful mix of deep research, strong analysis, and creative flair, I’ll make your content work harder to speak right to your audience.

I’ll take the time to understand your needs, and provide you creative solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd with content.

What do I charge?

You’ll notice that I don’t have any pricing my copywriting services…

(hold up, wait what!?!)

The reason for this is that every copywriting project has its own unique wants and needs.

So instead, lets have a chat.

Hit up my contact form or schedule a 15 minute call so we can discuss your needs.

Let me write your mind-blowing content