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5 Great Reasons You Should Hire a Copywriter Today

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Why should you hire a copywriter?

Copywriters are an important part of any business. They research, plan and create the written material which you use to communicate with your audience and to attract new customers to your business.

All copywriters have versatile skill sets and often come from many different backgrounds including journalism, writing, advertising, marketing, communications, the arts, and more.

But a great copywriter finds out exactly what your customers want to create persuasive, clear, and direct messages about why they should choose your products or services.

Here are 7 great reasons you should hire a copywriter today.

A Copywriter Saves You Time

Running a business is time consuming enough without adding even more to do, and now you’re struggling to find the right words and put them in the right order to better communicate with your audiences?

That’s exactly where a copywriter comes in.

Copywriters regularly write all kinds of written content and marketing material for your business. From your website copy, press releases, scripts for radio and video, presentations, speeches, brochures, email marketing, the possibilities are endless.

But there is one thing for sure, if it has words then it’s likely a copywriter can help you create the captivating content you’d otherwise have to do yourself.

A Copywriter helps You Understand Your Customers

Best of all, a great copywriter helps you find out what your customers and clients want. Creating persuasive, clear, and most of all direct messages to surprise and delight your customers along the way.

Copywriters help your customers believe in your business, and persuade them understand why they should choose your products and services.

A Copywriter Approaches Your Business with a Fresh Perspective

When you’ve been working on the inside of your business for a long time it’s sometimes hard to understand it from the outside. A copywriter helps you see your business as your customers do and connect with the reason why you love doing what you do.

With a great copywriters help, you’ll be feel refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to understand your audience with renewed clarity.

Copywriters are Creative Monsters

Nobody likes boring old content, especially copywriters.

Luckily, they are creatures who love to flex their creative muscles all day long. They love nothing more than turning dull, hard to read copy into persuasive content with a life all of its own.

With an unparalleled grasp of language and a flair for all things creative, a great copywriter transforms the mundane into the magnificent!

Copywriters Do More Than Write Copy

While ‘writing copy’ is right there in the name, copywriters don’t only write copy. A copywriter has an incredibly wide set of skills and experiences which they regularly draw upon when applying their craft.

Copywriters are also:

  • deep research machines
  • persuasion fine artists
  • solid-gold content warriors
  • finely-tuned grammar ninjas
  • confident communicators
  • linguistic gymnastic specialists
  • architects of information
  • knowledgable across many industries
  • and much, much more!

There you have it, five great reasons you should hire a copywriter today!

So if you’re in the need to give your business a lift, can’t find the time to write your content, or need a fresh perspective, then it’s time to contact a great copywriter and start something new!

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By Tim King

Tim is a Creative Copywriter & Content Strategist from Victoria, Australia.

He's been designing and developing digital content online for over a decade working with artists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate clients to help them cut through the noise and build kick-ass content with bite.

Tim loves digging into the big topics that shape our world, applying his own brand of thought along the way. You'll usually find him writing content and thinking far too hard about the future, often with a good glass of red in hand.