Future of Work Podcast

Guest Appearance on Ellis in Wunderland Podcast

Ellis in Wunderland - Future of Work ft. Tim King

Recently I was invited to join Ellis in Wunderland host Georgia Ellis to chat about the Future of Work.

In this episode we chat about how the world has changed due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, what this means for the way we’ll work in the future. We also discuss how you can prepare for the future, and what you can do during these strange times to begin realising your dreams.

Georgia Ellis is the creator of Blue Chip Minds, Conscious Architects of Life, Life Reloaded & Rise Up Masterclasses and the “Ellis in Wunderland” Podcast and she specialises in delivering high-impact, practical and integrated training and coaching. 

Georgia has coached, mentored and taught individuals and teams in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, the UAE, UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, South Africa, USA, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia how to align their mind to success.

So grab a coffee, and take a deep dive down the rabbit hole of this episode of Ellis in Wunderland!

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By Tim King

Tim is a freelance writer, creative thinker, and futurist living in Central Victoria, Australia.

He's been designing and developing digital content online for over a decade and loves digging into the big topics that shape our world, applying his own brand of thought along the way.

You'll usually find him writing content and thinking far too hard about the future, often with a good glass of red in hand.