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A Quick and Dirty Guide to Cultivating Influence

Building your tribe is easier than you might think

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Influence is one of those things that we rarely identify in the moment, yet we are influenced by the people we know, the brands we consume, and the individuals we follow on a daily basis.

It’s the intangible qualities of how we’ve been affected that is often most difficult for us to grasp, especially when attempting to build our own personal influence.

Developing influence can seem like a hard road but with the following steps you’ll be well on your way to understanding influence, and how to cultivate your own.

Be you, and remain so

When people seek to follow you they are interested in one thing… you.

If you model yourself after other influential people and only repeat what those people say / think / do then there is little reason for anyone to pay attention to you. Before too long the audience you’ve worked hard to gain will turn away and seek others who provide a more genuine approach. It’s your thoughts, and opinions that has attracted others in the first place.

Simply, just be yourself. Your followers want to hear from you.

Keyword: Authenticity

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Understand your message

You should understand what you bring to the table that your audience connects to. What is the value you give to others.

Whether we know it or not, when we write, speak, or post we all have an underlying message that we transmit. Often our message is about our personal experiences and thoughts, our feelings and attitudes.

If you understand your message and craft to those strengths you’ll reach people on a far deeper level and be cultivating influence each and every time.

Keyword: Clarity

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Do your thing, then do it again, then again

The core of cultivating influence isn’t coming up with some great new idea, or product, or even being the loudest person in the room, it’s about finding your groove and sticking to it.

We are most easily influenced by the people and things we can regularly rely upon. But consistency goes beyond just what we do, its also about the messages we transmit. Whether it’s for quick answers, simple to understand solutions, being the go-to-person about a topic, or even just being present, it all helps you build your personal brand.

Keyword: Consistency

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Be a super connector

Look at the things the people around you give. We’re all constantly bombarded by opinions, solutions, thoughts, products, and ideas.

Use your platform to highlight the amazing work that others do, you’ll enrich their experience and yours at the very same time.

Keyword: Understanding

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Give more than you take

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of feeling good about receiving praise, and you should let praise add to your energy, but make sure you use that energy to give back to your tribe and create more things in the world.

You’ll increase your consistency, self confidence, and at the same time sharpen your skills even more than before, all the while cultivating influence.

Keyword: Generosity

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Speak to your audience, not at them

If you know who your audience is then you have an advantage on other most other people trying to command attention.

Rather than squander this advantage by only marketing your wares to them, instead choose to speak right to them as individuals. You’ll grow a much stronger audience who are highly connected.

Keyword: Connectivity

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Praise, praise, then praise some more

Hands down your tribe is amazing. Get to praising those that help you the most. Tell them how much their actions mean to you and the value that has brought.

Furthermore praise your tribe regularly. Be thankful, be humble, be present.

Keyword: Gratitude

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By Tim King

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