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Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

How it took Apple to cut off updates to make me finally upgrade

So I’ve done it, I’ve finally replaced my trusty iPhone 6. I’ve been in this relationship for five long years and it’s one I won’t soon forget. Initially released on September 19th, 2014 the iPhone 6 was a masterpiece to behold.

I always made the statement, “If Apple made a phone in the Samsung S3 size with a side mounted power button, I’ll go back.” and go back I did. It was like the god-like beings designing the iPhone 6 had heard my claims through the ether.

It was only a few days later I purchased my spanking-new Space Grey unit, tossing aside my then defunct Samsung Galaxy S3.

In my hand was the pinnacle of mobile technology to that point. A shining fusion of lifestyle and usability, it quickly became my trusty sidekick traveling with me no matter my destination.

A lifetime of events

My iPhone 6 has been with me for some of the most important times in my life. Getting married. Traveling to Europe with my wife. Purchasing a house. It has been with me through good and bad, a friend to see me through the hard times and there to celebrate my successes.

I look back fondly of the times I had my trusty device with me. It afforded me the sum knowledge of human experience right in my pocket, everything was just a quick web search away.

Friend. Confidant. Entertainer.

I’ve written stories, published articles, sold artwork, ran a business, made important decisions, purchased a motorcycle, connected to thousands of people, and more.

It was the way I’d chosen to interact, my iPhone 6 acting as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, a pseudo-gatekeeper if you will. Sure I used my Macbook Pro equally, but it wasn’t as ever-present as my iPhone.

I was never bored with my device of choice, and while another might have sufficed in it’s place, my iPhone 6 was the best choice for me.

across to Android years before, and while the litany of devices I had over several years weren’t all bad, I finally came to realise the problem with the Google’s operating system for me.

Android is still a good operating system. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s the promise of apps that don’t work well on your device due to either a developer who has poor code review practices, or your particular fragmented device isn’t capable of running the app to an acceptable standard. This ultimately ends in the frustration of knowing you should be able to do the thing you want, but cant.

Apple’s walled-garden is a nicer place to be.

Conversely, Android users often site the same issue with Apple devices. The usual spiel going “But an iPhone can’t do that.” usually when indicating they can access the file system and have a greater flexibility.

But the walled garden approach means as a user I’m more protected from both poor experiences due to device fragmentation and nefarious developers slipping adware/spyware/bitcoin mining/crypto code into popular applications.

The biggest difference being that Apple reviews every app for security and functionality before allowing it through their front door. This way I’m assured that an app will work on my device without the issue of compatibility.

Saying Goodbye

Five years. Five major iOS versions. Thousands of adventures.

It all amounts to a huge chunk of time (1830 days to be exact) to experience a single device. Where the upgrade-or-die mentality exists in most tech sectors today, Apple with its support model for its range of carefully curated products supports the most important person in the world. Their customer.

With a heavy heart I replace it. Sure, the screen is a little yellowed, its speaker not quite as loud as it once was, and the battery gives out around 3pm every day, but damn we’ve had some amazing times.

The final death knell came on Sunday, when I realised my faithful companion would never receive another update. iOS 13 was but an ever-present dream with its fancy system wide dark-mode that its close brother the 6s would receive.

Am I sad that my iPhone 6 is finally obsolete? Sure, but its had a better than average run and most people wouldn’t suffer a device for so long. Time for it to slip into the long dark tea-time where old tech goes to finally rest.

In its place is a fresh faced iPhone 11. All shiny, fast, and new, full of FaceID and Memoji. I dream that it will last as long as my old device, and that it will remain a faithful companion.

Vale iPhone 6.

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By Tim King

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