Hello there, I’m Tim

Life’s too short for the wrong words

When you’re trying to grab attention it’s important to have the right words in the right order. You only have a precious few seconds to engage your customer so don’t let them suffer through reading the wrong words.

Your brand, business, or project has something to say so it’s important to connect and capture both hearts and minds.

I’m a

I work with artists, entrepreneurs, small to medium businesses owners, and corporate clients to help them cut through the noise and build content with bite.

I’ll help you understand your needs and craft authentic content for you to stand out from the crowd and surprise and delight your customers.

It all starts with you taking the first step towards better content, take a look at the things I can do for you, and how I can help you connect with your audience.

You may even like to hire me to write the words you need.

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